have a positive impact daily


About the project

HapiDaily stands for "have a positive impact daily." The project is an initiative to empower people with daily ideas on how to make a difference in the lives of others through everyday expressions of love. HapiDaily sends people daily prompts that provide them with practical and universal ways to show love. People who join want to give love to the people in their lives, so they participate by practicing the actions in these prompts. We believe that people are most important, so if we want to have a positive impact on the lives of other people, we should examine how we might make life a better and happier experience for others. Thus, the daily prompts were created from research on fundamental human needs. The result was a comprehensive list of effective and universal ways to give others recognition, appreciation, affirmation, admiration, attention, support, praise, and encouragement. HapiDaily aims to define what it looks like to live out the values of service, respect, understanding, generosity, empowerment, and gratitude in daily practice.

About the pattern

HapiDaily follows a particular pattern to promote practice and turn everyday acts of love into lifelong habits. At its core, HapiDaily adheres to the repetition of 7 practices — one for each day of the week. These 7 practices are represented in the structure of their daily prompts, which lays the foundation of a base action but leaves the implementation of that action up for variation between weeks. For example, one of these 7 practices has the structure of, "Share [something] with someone." In this case, whatever is being shared varies per week but the act of sharing with someone remains the same across weeks. Then, to further add variety in respect to the randomness of weekly schedules, the order in which the 7 practices are paired to particular days of the week will change every season of the year (every 13 weeks). At that time, during the transition of seasons, the daily prompts will repeat from the previous season but in an altered arrangement.

About the calendar

Once you've added the HapiDaily calendar to your personal calendar application of choice, you can configure your notification preferences directly within your calendar application. Your calendar app's settings should allow you to configure push notifications for each of the all-day events in the HapiDaily calendar. For example, in Google Calendar, you can set up an "All-day event notification" for "0 days before at 10:00am" from within the calendar's settings. That would give you each daily prompt as a push notification every morning.

Subscribe via SMS

Text "hapidaily" to 84483 to subscribe to the daily text message notifications.